A brief introduction of Alvalexino

Based on the quality of Alvalexino’s services, we can be your trustworthy partners in intern and international freight transport. To see a complete list of intern and international transportation services, request a price quote, but also other information in the field, we invite you to access the sections of our website.

The Alvalexino team consists of over 70 qualified specialists with more than 20 years experience in the field of domestic and international road transport. Apart from the freight transport service, we have extensive experience in all shipping, including air transport, road transport, logistics, express service, etc.

Our fleet consists of more than 30 modern vehicles, the Mercedes-Benz Actros, the Scania and the Renault T13, equipped with Euro 5 EEV and Euro 6 systems that comply with all environmental protection standards and are constantly renewed to meet the most up-to-date economic standards. The large variety of vehicles owned in Alvalexino Park allows us to respond individually to customer wishes and to develop special transport solutions for them.

Whether it is a normal load to be transported by road in Romania or abroad or cargo of a sensitive or dangerous nature, we guarantee that we will provide high quality and reliable services and will exceed even the most demanding demands.

Regulated Agent No:RO/RA/00015-01

Import – export activity

Import and export activity is our main concern for the international freight service. The services offered are quick and customized for each customer, depending on the budget and delivery time required.

Experienced drivers

In order to ensure that road freight transport is safe, besides the state-of-the-art car fleet, we need experienced drivers with thousands of hours of active driving, leading to the destination safely. Our company employs only drivers with experience in freight transport. And the driver team is taking part in the improvement courses offered by our company on a regular basis.

Car fleet

Alvalexino has the most modern trucks that can have a capacity of up to 22 tons. Choosing the right machine for each request is done only on the basis of expertise from one of our specialists, focusing on the type of goods and their size as well as on the requested destination. This way the road freight transport will be carried out in the best conditions and the delivery time will be optimal.

Our mission

We want to develop long-lasting partnerships with our customers. Since the very beginning, Alvalexino’s policy and desire has been geared towards long-lasting partnerships with our customers, their satisfaction and trust in us, being the foundation of our success. We guarantee top-quality service, state-of-the-art logistics as well as innovative customer-oriented technology with high quality and safety standards. This is a shared responsibility for all of us.

  • Continuous improvement of the service system offered;
  • Continuous security of freight transport;
  • Clearance and service compliance;
  • Maintaining high standards of ethics and professionalism;
  • Advice on customs procedures;
  • Prevention of environmental pollution;
  • mutually beneficial relationships with our suppliers;
  • Transparency, quality and affordability.